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Collecting your Alhambra tickets

Page updated 1st January 2023

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Collecting your Alhambra tickets

CONCESSIONARY TICKETS: These tickets (children, European senior citizens, disabled, European young people, etc.) can ONLY be collected from the ALHAMBRA TICKET OFFICE with documentary proof.

ADULTS TICKETS: If you have booked ADULT tickets online or by phone using a credit card, you can collect them from:

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The ticket office at the Alhambra opens at 8:00 in the morning.

To collect your tickets, go to the room with the cashpoints to the right of the entrance. Insert the credit/debit card you used to book the tickets and your tickets will be printed.

If you don't have the credit card that you used to book the tickets with you, you will also need to pick your tickets up from the main ticket office with your booking reference number and identity card.

If someone else bought tickets for you using their credit card, you will need to collect your tickets from the main Alhambra ticket office and present:

1. a written authorization signed by that person

2. a photocopy of their ID

3. your ID

4. email confirmation of the purchase showing the reference number or localizador

This is an example of the written authorization:
"Yo Carmen Garcia Garcia con DNI 123456789 autorizo a Pepe Garcia Garcia con DNI 123456789 a retirar las entradas de la Alhambra con el localizador 12345789abc".

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Room with the cashpoints for collecting your Alhambra tickets

ICOM and ICOMOS holders

If you are a member of ICOM (International Council of Museums or ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Historical Artistic Sites), you can collect your ticket directly from the Alhambra ticket office on the day of your visit by showing your card. The card must show the name of the individual visiting the Alhambra (not an institution) and tickets are restricted to one ticket per card. It is not necessary to book in advance as a number of tickets are kept aside for card holders. If you are accompanied by anyone, then they must buy their tickets in the normal way.