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Buying tickets on the same day

Page updated 1st January 2024

Comprar entradas para la Alhambra el mismo díaAcheter des billets pour l'Alhambra le même jourComprar entradas para la Alhambra el mismo díaAcquistare i biglietti per l'Alhambra il giorno stesso


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Buying Alhambra tickets on the same day

alhambra tickets granada

You can buy Alhambra tickets for the same day by phone (+34858889002) or from the Alhambra if tickets are available online.

The availability of the Alhambra tickets is now shown only on the Alhambra web page:


When the calendar shows that no tickets are available, it will not be possible to buy any on the same day from the Alhambra.

If you have not been able to buy a ticket, you should check to see whether any guided tours are available:


alhambra tickets granada