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Granadainfo Taxi Booking Service for Granada.


Granadainfo offer a taxi booking service.

Hailing a taxi in Granada is easy just hail a taxi in the street or go to a taxi rank and ask them to take you anywhere.

Booking a taxi in advance is more complicated because the official taxi companies only offer a phone service to send you a taxi at the moment of calling. It is a semi-automated system, all in Spanish which can be confusing.

If you have a plane to catch or an important journey you may prefer to book a taxi in advance.

We offer a taxi booking service to take away all the uncertainty. We will book a taxi for you with a trusted taxi driver who will pick you up at the time of your choosing.

We offer a fixed price for many common destinations so you know the price in advance.

We only use totally legal Granada taxi drivers.

Note: It is not a good idea to wait until the last minute. If we only have a few hours to organise the journey we may not have enough time.



Granada Airport 25/30 euros
Málaga Airport 175/200 euros
Almuñecar 110/130 euros
La Herradura 115/136 euros
Nerja 115/138 euros
Sevilla 315/375 euros
Córdoba 210/250 euros


You have to pay the driver on arrival at your destination.
The organisation fee is 5 euros.

If you would like us to book you a taxi. Click the blue box at the bottom right corner of this page which says "leave a message". (if it says "Ask and expert about Granada" we can actually attend to you in real time).

We need to know. Your name, number of people, time with am or pm, pick up place, destination. We will then try to get you a taxi using one of our trusted taxi drivers.

We use different taxi drivers for the Granada to Malaga run. If you are catching a plane we need to know your flight details.

The taxi drivers are just standard Granada taxi drivers in a fully legal vehicle.

If the journey is within Granada then the taxi driver will use the meter. If it is a longer journey we will get you a quote. If we can organise this for you we will email you back.

Once the taxi journey is organised we will send you a message of confirmation with all the information you need.

You can then pay the 5 euros using this page. The 5 euros is a fee for us booking the taxi for you, it is not a fee for the journey.

We only have a few highly trusted drivers so sometimes we fail because they are not available. We don't use just any taxi driver.

Note: This service is totally free to anyone who books accommodation using this page. Most of the prices are lower than available on the major booking sites.