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Useful buses in Granada

Page updated 14th January 2020

Autobuses útiles en el centro de GranadaBus utiles dans le centre de GrenadeAutobuses útiles en el centro de GranadaAutobus utili nel centro di Granada
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IMPORTANT - COVID-19: The Alhambra is currently closed until 31st March. All ALHAMBRA TICKETS and GRANADACARDS until this date will, therefore, be refunded automatically.

On the 1st April, the Alhambra will either open or remain closed. If it remains closed, all Alhambra tickets and GRANADACARDS will be refunded automatically for the dates of closure.

If the Alhambra opens on the 1st April, then Alhambra tickets and GRANADACARDS will not be refunded. However, if you are physically unable to reschedule your holiday in Granada because of accommodation or flight problems, then you should contact the ALHAMBRA or GRANADACARD directly to request a refund.

ALHAMBRA: 34858953616 (before May) or +34858888002 (May onwards)

GRANADACARD: +34858880990 or

Useful buses in the centre of Granada

Here are 4 simplified bus maps which will be very useful for visiting the Alhambra and the Albaicin. We have made this very simple so that you can understand very easily the layout of Granada and where things are. There is a more detailed map here

If you are reasonably fit, you don't need to catch a bus to the Alhambra. You can walk up the Cuesta Gomérez or the Cuesta de los Chinos. It takes about 15-20 minutes and is uphill.

This is the best bus to go to the Alhambra (Gran Vía - Alhambra - Plaza Nueva - Albaicín - Gran Vía).

Bus 32 granada alhambra albaicin

This bus goes to the Alhambra from Plaza Isabel la Católica.

30 alhambra bus

This bus does not go to the Alhambra but it goes to may interesting places such as Mirador de San Nicolas, Paseo de los Tristes, Sacromonte, Plaza Nueva, the Albaicin.

30 alhambra bus

The C34 is similar to the C31 but also goes to the Sacromonte.

C34 bus sacromonte albaicin


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A busy day on the C31 Coming up the Cuesta Chapiz A narrow street near
San Miguel Bajo

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