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What to do in Granada: FOOD

Page updated 30th January 2019

Qué y dónde comer en GranadaQué y dónde comer en Granada
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What to do in Granada - FOOD

churros con chocolate granada
Breakfast: Churros con Chocolate

typical Spanish breakfast

Churros con chocolate is a typical Spanish breakfast. You order churros for the number of people and a hot drink of your choice (normally chocolate or coffee). The chocolate is luxuriously thick and is perfect for dipping your churros into.

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tostada con tomate granada
Breakfast: Tostada con Tomate

typical Spanish breakfast - toast

In Granada, tostadas are long, bread rolls, cut in half and toasted. Tostada con tomate (a toasted roll topped with grated tomato and olive oil) is one of the most common. You can choose between media tostada (half a roll) or una tostada (a whole roll) with the topping of your choice. Other typical toppings include jamón (cured ham), mantequilla y mermelada (jam and butter), paté, etc. They are typically eaten with a white coffee (café con leche) and possibly fresh orange juice (zumo de naranja).

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menu del día granada
Lunch/Dinner: Menú del Día

cheap meal option

Many restaurants in Granada serve a set lunch menu on weekdays at midday and these are displayed on boards outside the restaurant. The idea is to choose one dish from the first section as a starter and another from the second section as your main course. It is important to find out before sitting down what is included: most will include bread (pan), dessert (postre) and a drink (bebida) but some add on VAT to the price later. If VAT is not included, it must say IVA NO INCLUIDO. Some places will let you have a coffee instead of a dessert.

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shawarma in granada
Snack: Shawarma

cheap snack

A shawarma is generally made from shredded meat (chicken, beef, lamb, etc.) which has been roasted on a spit. It is served wrapped in a flatbread and you can choose from a selection of accommpaniments (falafel, hummous, shredded cabbage, tomato, cucumber, tahini, etc.). In recent years shawarma bars have become increasingly popular in Granada. They can be found throughout the city but especially around Plaza Nueva and along the Calle Elvira.

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fast food burgers in granada
Fast food: burgers

fast food - burgers and fries

Although there are several fast-food restaurants around Granada, there is only one in the centre of the city: Burger King in Puerta Real.

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piononos cakes granada
Mid-morning or mid-morning snack: Cakes

cakes and pastries

There are several places in Granada where you can buy cakes and pastries. You can choose either to eat them at the bar, at a table or to take out. One of the local specialties to try is the "pionono", small, gooey and sweet, which is made in Santa Fe.

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raciones granada
Lunch/Dinner: Raciones

typical Spanish meal

A typical Spanish way of eating is to order to a selection of different dishes (raciones) from the menu for everyone to share: popular choices are patatas a lo pobre (potatoes slowly fried in oil), tortilla de patatas (Spanish potato omelette), fritura de pescado (selection of fried fish), lomo al ajillo (pork in a garlic sauce) and ensalada de la casa (house salad).

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platos combinados granada
Lunch/Dinner: Platos Combinados

typical Spanish food

Another meal option is to order a plato combinado. This normally consists of meat and chips, fish and a salad, fried eggs and chips, etc.

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pizza pasta granada
Lunch/Dinner: Pizza and Pasta

Italian food

There are lots of places which serve pizzas and pasta in Granada from fast-food takeaways to sit-down restaurants.

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vegan food granada
Lunch/Dinner: Vegan Food

vegan food

In recent years the number of bars and restaurants serving vegetarian or vegan food has grown and there is now a lot more variety and greater choice than before.

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ice-cream parlour ice cream granada
Snack: Ice cream

ice cream

There are many ice cream parlours in Granada with several selling their own homemade ices and sorbets.

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