La casa de todos Granada España
C/. Elvira (next to Plaza Nueva)
Tlfs. 958 22 80 62
Granada Spain

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La CASA DE TODOS, is between Plaza Nueva and Calle PAN at the start of the Calderería. It is a typical sandwich and snack bar. It is also known as "la casa de los mil y uno bocadillos" (the house of the 1001 sandwiches) because if you try all the different combinations and vary the ingredients according to your taste you need never have the same sandwich twice...

Apart from being a great place to have a bocadillo or a snack served by the friendly staff this area has become a "zona de marcha" which doesn't have a good translation to English except maybe using the Irish expression "the area where there is a good crack" which is to say if you want to go out and have a good time in a lively atmosphere this is the place to be. So don't forget to visit us and sample one of our delicious bocadillos for yourself.