Medina Zahara
Bocadillos Mediterraneos

Calderería Nueva Albayzín Bajo
Granada, Andalucía, Spain




Chicken and Vegetable Samosa
Spinach, Mushroom and Cheese Samosa
Minced Meat, Sweet Corn and Almond Briwat

Chicken Tikka Sandwich
Chicken Tandoori Sandwich
Roasted Whole Chicken
Roasted Half Chicken
Whole Chicken with Chips
Half Chicken with Chips

Hamburgers (freshly made)


Cheese and salad burger
Egg, cheese and salad burger
Chicken, cheese and salad burger

Falafel Sandwich
Moroccan salad
Vegetable croquettes with nuts
Vegetarian paella
Spanish Omelette sandwich
Stuffed home-made lasagne


Doner Kebab Sandwich (lamb with special sauce)
Lamb Skewer Sandwich
Beef Sausage Sandwich with French Fries
Moroccan Sandwich (shish kebab, chips, egg and salad)
Beef Mortadella With Salad


Homemade Fresh Natural Juice (orange, banana and almonds)
Orange and Carrot Juice
Apple and Strawberry Juice with Fresh Cream
Homemade Natural Yoghurt with Honey
Moorish Tea with Mint Leaves (one cup)