Median Zahara

Medina Zahara
Bocadillos Mediterráneos

Calderería Nueva Albayzín Bajo
Granada, Andalucía, España

The menu
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Ahmed, is the first of the Arabic sandwich bar to have a web page in Caldererias. In many other european countries this type of eating place is found on every street corner so it needs no introduction although in Spain the kebab joint is a relatively new concept and this area is one of the few places in Granada where you can get a kebab. Of course, Ahmed's restaurant is worth visiting for the excellent food but you should also note that there is an internet cafe next door which you can use to keep in touch with your family and friends.

There is a wide range of samosas, hamburgers, pita bread sandwiches and vegetarian food. This is fast food but much more healthy than the multinational chain restaurants with the added advantage that all food is freshly prepared and served to you by Ahmed in his arabic hat in the exotic atmosphere of the Caldererias.


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