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Pilar del Toro

Pilar del Toro


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Pilar del Toro

Elegant tapas bar with comfortable chairs
C/ Hospital De Santa Ana 12
958 225 470‎

Pilar del Toro:
Elegant tapas bar with comfortable chairs

AlbayzinThis is a tapas bar but much more comfortable than usual. The main attraction is an interior air-conditioned covered patio in typical Andalucian style. The chairs are comfortable and there is waitress service, so you can sit round a small table and chat with few friends.

AlbayzinIf you have a bigger appetite you can ask for the menu and order a "tabla" (normally a wooden board with different types of cheese or meat).

AlbayzinThis place tends to attract a more older, gentile clientelle. By Granada standards it is not considered cheap but of course the prices would compare very favourably to a tapas bar in London for example.


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Overall 7
Food 7
Service 8
Atmosphere 8
Value 7
Comments of Patricia West from Florida
Visit: June 2019
It was a good place to rest after a long and tiring day.. The service was fine and the tapas were fine, but nothing to write home about. The covered patio area is nice. It has a very central location right next to Plaza Nueva.
Overall 6
Food 5
Service 7
Atmosphere 6
Value 6