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Page updated 30th January 2022

Paseos y rutas por Granada: Albaicin


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Granada Walks and Walking Routes: Albaicin 3

This moderate (almost) circular walk is 4.59km long. It starts in Plaza Nueva and finishes in Plaza Bib-Rambla.

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You can download the track for Android, Garmin, iPhone, Google Earth, etc. from Wikiloc.


plaza nueva granada
Starting point: Plaza Nueva

square - views of the Alhabra - bars - restaurants

There is quite a lot to see in this central square. The square was built to cover over the River Darro. On the left, is the Royal Chancillery and at the far end the Church of San Gil y Santa Ana.

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royal chancillery granada
Royal Chancillery


The Royal Chancellery was built in 1530 and part designed by Diego de Siloé. A prison was built at the back of the building in the 17th century and was in use until the end of the 19th century. The building is used today as the High Court.

iglesia san gil santa ana granada
Iglesia San Gil y Santa Ana


The church was built in 1537 to replace the former Almanzora mosque. It was designed by Diego de Siloé.

hammam arab baths granada
Hammam Arab baths

modern - baths - massage

These modern baths are built in the style of the old Arab baths. They have a hot and cold pool and offer various treatments and massages.

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bañuelo arab baths granada

11th century Arab baths - free

These baths used to be part of the Mosque of the Walnut Tree (Mezquita del Nogal) which previously stood here. They were built in the 11th century and are considered to be among the oldest and most complete baths in Spain.

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iglesia san pedro y san pablo granada
Iglesia San Pedro y San Pablo


The church was built in 1559-1567.

convento de zafra granada
Convento de Zafra

cloister convent - sale of Christmas sweets

This was originally a 14th century Arab building. The convent was paid for by the widow of Hernando de Zafra, the Catholic Monarchs' secretary, and was built in 1540. It is possible to visit the convent during mass. The cloistered nuns sell sweets at Christmas to the public through a turntable.

casa de las chirimias granada
Casa de las Chirimías

This house was built in 1609. The ground floor was used by town officials and bailiffs, the first floor by the town council and the second floor was where the musicians would play and perform to accompany the festivities taking place in the square below.

hotel reuma granada
Hotel Reúma

former hotel - hospital during civil war

This hotel was originally called the Gran Hotel and was inaugurated on 20th May 1910. As it was built on the bank of the River Darro, rumour had it that its guests would suffer from aching joints because of the damp after staying there and so it was nicknamed "Hotel Reúma" (reuma = reumatism). Following an initial success, the hotel closed in 1916 but functioned as a hospital during the Spanish Civil War. It is now owned by the Patronato de la Alhambra and there are plans to renovate it.

paseo de los tristes granada
Paseo de los Tristes

plaza - views of the Alhambra - bars - restaurants

The square and original fountain were built in 1609. Celebrations, festiities, plays and bullfights would be held here. Paseo de los Tristes owes its name (los tristes = the sad) to the funeral processions that would pass through on their way up to the cemetery in the Alhambra.

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palacio cordova granada
Palacio de los Córdova

16th century building

This palatial home was originally built in the centre of Granada (1530-1592) and belonged to the Córdova family. It changed hands over the years and in the 1960s it was demolished and rebuilt in its current place. It now belongs to the Town Council, houses the Municipal Archive and is open to the public.

palacio cordova granada
Carmen de la Victoria

former convent

The 19th century carmen was built on the site of a former convent. It now belongs to the University of Granada.

escuela de estudios arabes granada
Escuela de Estudios árabes

building - gardens

The Escuela de Estudios árabes is also known as the Casas de Chapiz, two Moorish houses which were built in the 14th century.

peso harina granada
Peso de Harina


This small square marks the beginning of the Camino de Sacromonte and the Sacromonte quarter. There is a statue of Chorrojumo (1824-1906) - King of The Gypsies, who earned a living telling stories about the Alhambra and selling postcards with his picture on to tourists.

iglesia san salvador granada
Iglesia Salvador


This church was built on the site of the largest mosque in the Albaicin. Work began in 1501 and in 1527 it was converted into a collegiate church for the religious indoctrination of converted Moors who had remained in Granada. When this was moved to the centre of Granada, it became a church. Most of it was destroyed in a fire in 1936.

Opening times

plaza aliatar granada
Plaza Aliatar

square - bars - restaurants

This square has several bars and restaurants. This is where the famous Bar Caracoles is which serves snails as a tapa.

mirador san cristobal granada
Mirador de San Cristobal

viewpoint - views of the Alhabra - Sierra Nevada - Granada

This circular, small viewpoint has good views of the Alhambra, Sierra Nevada and Granada. You can also see some of the old city walls which used to surround the Albaicin quarter. The C2 bus stops directly opposite.

plaza larga granada
Plaza Larga

square - shops - market - restaurants - bars 

This vibrant square has a fruit and vegetable market here every morning. The bars then set up their tables and chairs for outside eating, serving tapas, meals and snacks. On Saturday mornings there is also a flower market. There are lots of small shops nearby.

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arco de las pesas granada
Arco de las Pesas or Puerta Bab-al-Ziyada


This defensive gateway was built in the 12th century to access and defend the historic Albaicin quarter. It is one of the entrances through the old city walls which used to surround the entire Albaicin, some of which still exist today. The Spanish word pesas means weights and it is thought that incorrect weights which had been confiscated were stored here.

mirador san nicolas granada
Mirador San Nicolas - Plaza San Nicolas

square - church - mosque -  restaurants - bars  - water cistern

This viewpoint has fantastic views of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada mountains. The recently built mosque is nearby. There are bars and restaurants serving tapas, meals and snacks. The simple 16th-century Mudejar church was built on the site of a mosque and was rebuilt following a fire in 1932 and the Spanish civil war. The large water cistern is one of 27 that still exist and which used to provide water for the neighbourhood and was in use until the 20th century.

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mirador san nicolas granada
mirador san nicolas granada
Calle Caldereria Nueva

street - teashops - souvenirs

This street is full of Moroccan teashops and souvenir shops.

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mirador san nicolas granada

cathedral - royal chapel

This cathedral was built on the site of a former mosque and was designed by a number of architects including Diego de Siloé and Alonso Cano. Building started in 1523. Since it took over 180 years to complete, it therefore includes a variety of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements. The Royal Chapel is next to the cathedral.

More information about Cathedral - More information about Royal Chapel

plaza bib rambla granada
Plaza Bib-Rambla

square - flower stalls - bars - restaurants

This square is in the centre of Granada. There are various stalls selling flowers and plants and others selling local produce. Around the edge are a number of bars and restaurants, serving tapas, meals and snacks.

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