C/ Mariana Pineda, 8
958 22 38 10

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Medium to high price, approximately 35 euros per head.

The principal point of note about this restaurant is the curious decor of the upper balcony which attempts to recreate a typical Andalusian street including washing hanging on the line and bicycles.

This restaurant seems to be popular with French people which I suppose must be a point in its favour. It was quite full on a Tuesday night which is another good sign.

The waiter was very pleasant without being too obsequious and he speaks a little English.

There is also a tapas bar at the front of the restaurant.

There is a good wine list. By the way if you know nothing about wine, order a bottle of Marqués de Cáceres and you won't go far wrong.

The oak charcoal grill made my steak taste nice.

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