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Santa Ines House
Has been reviewed by 12 people.
The average rating is 9.1666 out of 10.
5 people have said it is Very good
7 people have said it is Excellent
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Comments of people who have stayed here.

Name: Moira
From: United Kingdom
Date of visit: 30th September 2014
Rating: Excellent
Room or apartment: Santa Ines
Good things about accomodation:the view from the apartment on the top floor was amazing. We have visited Granada several times, but as we stayed for the first time in the Albaycin area we explored different places and this was most enjoyable.
Complaints about accomodation:a great apartment. a mirror in the bedroom area would be useful. The shower kept falling down on the bath, although I realise the bath is a feature We did want to use the shower.
Good bars and restaurants:coffee and Serrano Ham in Marsical is not to be missed. loved the shops around the Albayacin quarter. people were very helpful and friendly and the bus service is very good.
Bad experiences in Granada:we were rather overcharged for a Cana of beer in Plaza Nueva, but unfortunately cannot remember the name of the cafe.
Suggestions:your website was most helpful in giving us information on bus and taxi services. Also the arrival instructions were excellent.

Name: Ronit
From: Israel
Date of visit: 10th October 2012
Rating: Excellent
Room or apartment: Santa Inés
Good things about accomodation:the little coffee shops in the old city ,sitting in the sun and having wonderful time in a flamenco show
Suggestions:it was really great ,our landlord martha,was really nice and the apartment was great and clean.thanks a lot ,we will come again

Name: Cheryl
From: Sydney, Australia
Date of visit: 14th October 2009
Rating: Very good
Room or apartment: Santa Ines (max. 4)
Good things about accomodation:Very good location and a nice apartment, loved the views and the rooftop patio.
Complaints about accomodation:Only to fix the few broken (functional) things around the apartment, ie all window locks, shower head etc. Also to add a hairdryer. Can windows be double glazed? Lots of street noise at night.

Name: Stuart
From: London
Date of visit: 6th September 2009
Rating: Excellent
Room or apartment: Santa Ines (max. 4)
Good things about accomodation:The most perfect apartment in a perfect location. We loved every moment of our honeymoon week and would highly recommend it to anyone.
Complaints about accomodation:No complaints whatsoever and the owners were incredibly helpful!
Good bars and restaurants:We really enjoyed sitting in bars and watching the world go by. Everyone was really friendly and food and drink good value. We also enjoyed driving through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Suggestions:A perfect honeymoon location.

Name: Dylan
From: Michigan, USA
Date of visit: 29th May 2009
Rating: Very good
Room or apartment: Santa Ines (max. 4)
Good things about accomodation:The apartment was very clean and modern. It was very close to the center (plaza nueva) which made it easy to come back to the place during the day without hassle. The rooftop terrace had an amazing vew of the alhambra!
Complaints about accomodation:The master bedroom is on the bottom floor, which is right next to the street. At night the traffic wasn't much of a problem, however sometimes in the morning you'd get a loud scooter going by.
Good bars and restaurants:The pulpo a la Gallega is very good at the puperia on Calle Navas (the first one starting from the west)

Name: David
From: England
Date of visit: 9th April 2009
Rating: Excellent
Room or apartment: Santa Ines (max. 4)
Good things about accomodation:The Santa Ines apartment is the prefect place in which to enjoy the charm and mystery of both El Albaicín and La Alhambra. The little square outside was quiet and the views from all three floors (of La Alhambra) were spectacular. The paratment itself was is tastefully furnished, clean and so charming we were quite happy to spend half of each day there.
Complaints about accomodation:The web page does not do justice to the apartment.
Good bars and restaurants:An often forgotten quarter of Granada is the area arounf the Cathedral where there are many excellent bars and restaurants.
Suggestions:I really would update the photos on the webpage, especially the one of the Alhambra from the terrace

Name: Ian
From: UK
Date of visit: 24th February 2009
Rating: Very good
Room or apartment: Santa Ines (max. 4)
Good things about accomodation:The Alhambra is fantastic. The narrow streets are great for exploring and just wandering around during the afternoons. Live Flamenco music was really good and easy to find (even in the off season).
Complaints about accomodation:The noise was a problem. The apartment is beautiful, the location excellent and the views superb (the Alhambra is visible from all 3 levels). However the noise of cars from below was loud at times.
Bad experiences in Granada:I thought the prices in Granada were very good. Meals and drinks in restaurants and bars were good value, and the waiting staff were very friendly (particularly with people such as myself who cannot speak spanish - except to order cerveza).

Name: Jp
From: Harrogate, UK
Date of visit: 17th August 2008
Rating: Excellent
Room or apartment: Santa Ines (max. 4)
Good things about accomodation:We enjoyed our stay very much. We particularly liked the 'bohemian' feel and the fact its much quieter and relaxed compared to many other european cities. It's easy to find your way around. It's not over commercialised and there are sufficient resturant/bars to relax and have a good meal.
Complaints about accomodation:We really loved the accomodation, however traffic and noise from the street was very loud. Better sound proofing/curtains would help a lot.
Good bars and restaurants:I cant remember their names specifically but there's a couple near the Cathedral and one on the Plaza where the Alhambra bus stops are which was very good (no English menu tho!)
Bad experiences in Granada:Our first taxi fare was way over charged compared to those following. The only criticism we have is the terrible Graffiti everywhere.
Suggestions:We had to walk some way to find a mini market/shop that was any good so there's scope to provide those services for people in the old part of town who are 'self catering'. There has to be a policy of proscecuting offenders for graffiti and make them clean it up! I've never seen so much and it really does spoil a beautiful city
Granadainfo comments:The council recently spent about 1 million euros on cleaning it off but it immediately started to come back. They ought to have security cams then catch the people and give them community service orders which involve cleaning grafitti off. Thank god in Spain we don't yet have hoodies and teenagers killing each other.

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