El Pañero Bar in Albaicin Alto
El Pañero
Bar Restaurante with terrace
Plaza Aliatar
Albaicín Granada Spain
Version española

This bar is situated in the Plaza Aliatar in the Albaicín alto. When you have been wandering in the Albaicín taking in the sights and amazing views the terrace is the perfect place to rest, have a drink or a bite to eat.
The terrace
The name "Pañero" means clothier or draper. Some people believe that the name Albaicín is actually derived from "Al-Bay'yazín" (in Arabic this means cloth maker) In any case it is likely that centuries before, the site of the bar had somthing to do with cloth.
Miguel and Juani, the owners have a wide range of food and drinks some of their favourites are :- setas con gambas (wild mushrooms with prawns), ancas de rana (frogs's legs), pajarillos (quail), queso frito con tomate (fried cheese with tomato), pipirrana ( salad with diced cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and onions) plus many more. They will invite you to a chupito (a shot of something) with your food if you mention that you have seen this web page.
The owners

There is bus service which goes past every 15 minutes. More info

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