Gran Taberna del 12

Plaza de Toros
Avenida Doctor Olóriz, 25
Granada, Andalucía,España

Tlf: 958 27 17 61
958 29 57 08

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Fresh anchovies stuffed with cured mountain ham
Green peppers stuffed with pig's trotters
Small red peppers stuffed with fish and shellfish
Fried brains and cured ham casserole
Duck breast with melon balls
Oxtail sautéed with egg
Wild mushrooms, prawns and elver on a sea urchin sauce
Fresh garlic stalk and prawn casserole with slivers of cured ham
Sautéed lamb sweetbreads and kidneys with oloroso sherry
Chard with cream sauce and salmon
Tiny broad beans and fresh garlic stalks with duck breast
A selection of assorted sautéed wild mushrooms with pine nuts


La Taberna "asparagus" salad
Avocado with seaweed and trout roe salad
Lettuce hearts, tomatoes from the Canary Isles and toasted garlic salad
Tropical fruit salad with cocktail sauce and sea urchin roe
Goose breast salad with walnuts and yoghurt sauce
Roast red pepper, anchovy and quail egg salad


Castilian soup
La Taberna soup
Monkfish and prawn soup with almonds
Andalusian "gazpacho" (when in season)
"Ajo blanco" (a cold, white, garlic and almond soup with sultanas) (when in season)


Gilt-head bream grilled on one side
Baked gilt-head bream stuffed with cured mountain ham and pine nuts
Cod au gratin with aïoli
Monkfish and king prawn brochettes


Roast suckling pig
Galician T-bone steak (approximately 1kg)
Sirloin steak grilled over charcoal or baked with mustard au gratin
Danish rump steak
Sirloin tournedos
Charcoal-grilled lamp chops
Roast shoulder of suckling lamb
Granada-style lamb stew
Pork tenderloin with Argentinian "Chumi Churri" sauce
Sirloin brochette with mushroom sauce
Preserved duck with blueberry sauce
Roast rabbit flavoured with mountain herbs
Ostrich tournedos
Oxtail "Gran Taberna"
Duck breast filled with king prawns and roquefort


Pastry rolls filled with wild fruits
Ice cream made with wine from the Alpujarras and caramel-coated pine nuts
Curd cheese ice cream with walnuts and rosemary honey
"Tocino del cielo" (sweet made with egg yolks and syrup)
Truffles with liqueur and mint mousse
Black cake with hot chocolate and vanilla "coulis"
Chocolate and orange cake with white chocolate "coulis"
Mandarine flan with mango "coulis"
Basket of tropical fruits with creamy ice cream and golden syrup