La Gran Taberna

Plaza Nueva
Granada, Andalucía, España

Tel: 958 22 88 46


Specialities of the House
Stone grilled assorted meats
Meat fondue
Cheese fondue queso
Medallion of sirloin (Taberna)
Skewers of monkfish and prawns
Chicken skewers (Taberna)
Broad beans with mountain ham
Srambled eggs with garlic sprouts and mountain ham
Dish of homemade ratatouille (cazuela)
Homemade tripes (cazuela)
Octopus "the way they do it at the fair"
Creole samosa, argentinian style
Stuffed peppers with:
- codfish
- mountain ham and meat
Spanish omelet (with potatoes)
Bull's tail stew
"Tapas" and "Montaditos"
"Requete" (melva with red peppers)
Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea
Red tuna steak
White tuna steak
Salmon with avocados or cottage cheese
Salmon trout with cottage cheese
Derbia fish with roe or caviar
Grilled pork loin with tomato or roquefort
Grilled bacon with tomato or red peppers
Mountain ham with tomato or roquefort
Iberian pork ham with tomato or roquefort
Medallions of natural "sobrasada"(balearic spicy pork paté)
"Duck's ham"(breast magret)
Manchego Cheese

Goat cheese (from Magaha)
Cheese in olive oil
Roquefort with beetroot
"Chamois d'OR" french cheese
Camembert cheese
"Triangles" of Spanish (potato) omelet