La Gran Taberna

Plaza Nueva
Granada, Andalucía, España

Tel: 958 22 88 46

The menu

This branch of the Gran Taberna is located at the foot of the cuesta Gomeres which leads up to the Alhambra and opposite Plaza Nueva which some people consider to be the centre of Granada from a visitors poit of view.
It is a typical tapas bar offering a wide variety of raciones (portions of food), tapas and wines. Of course the tapas you get when you order a drink are free which is the custom here in Granada.

Although it has been recently refurbished, the interior decor tastefully reconstructs the traditional tapa bar style with plenty of wood and barrels of wine behind the counter etc.
In recent years Plaza nueva has become one of the most lively places for nightlife. Broadly speaking there are two main nightlife areas in Granada. Pedro Alarcón which tends to attract the youngsters between 18-24 and Plaza Nueva where the average age tends to be older.

If you decide to eat properly rather than just have tapas the average price is around 12€.
As opposed to a fully fledged restauarant a bar like this is where you will probably order "raciones" which are small plates of food. 2 or 3 raciones shound be enough to cover most appetites.

14. LA GRAN TABERNA.       Stone grilled meat "montaítos"

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Mapa de Plaza Nueva. Albaicín bajo   

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