Gran Taberna del 12

Plaza de Toros
Avda Doctor Olóriz, 25
Granada, Andalucía,España

Tlf: 958 27 17 61
958 29 57 08

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La Gran Taberna del 12, is built into a recess underneath the bull ring of Granada. However you don't have to be a bullfighting aficionado to go there, in fact looking at some of the pictures on the wall you could be forgiven for believing that the restauarant doesn't take the bullfighting connection very seriously.

If you come to Granada with pounds or dollars even a higher ranking restaurant such as this one will not stretch your pocket too much especially if you compare it to the prices back home. If you are on a limited budget you will probably consider a visit to this restauarant as a special treat.

The fact that the restaurant is part of the bull ring means that it has very unique architecture. It is in fact a giant wedge nestling under the angle where the spectators sit, the top part being the dining room. Two enormous stained glass windows add to the granduer. There are also some tables and chairs outside where you can have an aperatif.

There are three Gran Tabernas in Granada. All of them have been lavishly decorated. There is one next the Plaza de Carmen and another in Plaza Nueva. They are all equally worth a visit.
The price per head in this one is around 25€.
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Getting to the Plaza de Toros is very easy. Just jump into a taxi. If you prefer you can follow the map below. Maybe you could have a "paseo" l through the Jardines de Triunfo to work up an appetite. Anyone with chronic health problems will be reasured that there are two large hospitals nearby ;-)