Palacio de los Cordovas


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Palacio de los cordovas is about 100 metres away on the right.

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The red balloon with a dot is the Palacio de los Cordovas.
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It is necessary to zoom out to see the bus station.

How to get from there from other parts of Granada:
Granada is not very big so you could easilly get there walking. Click on the bus link on the right and you will see the bus stops for the 31 bus. The 31 bus passes every 15 minutes or so.

Arriving by airport bus:
The airport bus costs 3 euros per person. Click here for more information about the airport bus and here to see map with the bus stops. The best place to get off the bus is at the cathedral. On the map this is just above the "n" of Granada. Get off the airport bus and then get on the 31 minibus which will take you to Cuesta Chapiz.

Arriving from the bus station:
It is probably easier to get a taxi from the bus station. It would cost about 6 euros. The 3 and 33 buses go to the bus station and the bus stop is in the Gran Via (see map).

We recommend that you park in the Severo Ochoa. It is also possible to park for free in the Camino de Sacromonte. You can only enter the neighbourhood before 11.00 and between 2pm and 8pm but you can leave at any time. It is legal to park on the white lines and illegal to park on the yellow lines.

Other maps
There is another map on this page.

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List of bars and restaurants less than 1km from Boabdil house which is 400 metres from Palacio de los Cordovas.
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