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Malaga Spain

Intro: This page provides information about low-cost flights to Malaga, Spain

Flights to Malaga airport: Malaga airport is 125km from Granada. It takes 1hour 30 minutes to drive from Malaga to Granada. The best way to get to Granada is by public transport. There are now direct buses from Malaga airport to Granada bus station. They leave at 11:30 in the morning and 18:30 in the afternoon. The journey takes 2 hours 20 minutes and costs 10€.

If you arrive at another time, it is faster to catch a bus from Malaga airport to Malaga bus station and then catch a bus to Granada. There are buses to Malaga bus station every 30 minutes and buses to Granada every hour. It is difficult to get to Granada after 21:30. A taxi from Malaga to Granada costs about 140 euros

Links:Buy bus tickets online You can buy bus tickets from Malaga to Granada.
Links: Cheap car hire - pick up and set down in the centre and at Granada airport.

Cheap flights from UK to Malaga:
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British Airways
- Regular scheduled flights from major British airports.
Easy Jet - flying from Bristol, east Midlands, Liverpool, Gatwick, Luton, Stanstead and Newcastle.
Monarch - flying from Luton, Gatwick or Manchester and Birmingham.
Air 2000 - flying from Gatwick and Manchester
Air Scotland - flying from Edinburgh or Glasgow
Jet2 - flying from Leeds and Bradford
FlyGlobeSpan - flying from Glasgow and Edinburgh to Malaga
FlyBE -flying from Malaga from Southampton and Exeter to Malaga.
MyTravelite - flying from Malaga from Birmingham.
Excel Airways - flying from Gatwick, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow.
EUJet - flying from Manchester, Kent International, Edinburgh and Glasgow airports.
Britannia Direct - Cheap flights to Malaga from several UK airports.

Cheap flights from Ireland to Malaga:
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Flyaway Tours - flying from Dublin, Shannon and Cork.
Abbey Travel - flying from Dublin, Cork and Shannon
Ryanair - flying from Dublin.
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Iberian Airways - flying from Dublin.
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EUJet - flying from Dublin and Shannon.

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